This small country (236.800km2) is entirely landlocked between China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. Laos offers an incredible diversity of landscapes, its territory being 70% covered by mountains. The mighty Mekong River also runs in Laos for about 1900km making it one of the wildest destinations in the region.

The capital city is Vientiane (650.000 inhabitants) which iles on the shore of the Mekong River, a few hundred meters from Thailand. The city is quiet and is quite representative of Laotian life style. But the reason why visitors come to Laos has to be found elsewhere. Luang Prabang, former capital city of the Lan Xang Kindgom, is now a major tourist highlight of the destination. It is listed a part of the World Heritage by UNESCO and shelters dozens of century-old temples on a peninsula surrounded by the Mekong and Ta Rivers. Finally, the south of Laos is blessed with beautiful landscapes and coffee plantations, as well as several ethnic minority groups.

Best time to travel : October to April.
Main airports : Vientiane (VTE), Luang Prabang (LPQ), Pakse (PKZ)


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Tourist sites

Running from the border with China in the North to the karstic region of Vang Vieng, the northern provinces of Laos shelters century old temples, deep forests and a mosaic of ethnic groups.
The regions goes from the limestone landscapes fo Vang Vieng to the colonial remnants of Savannakhet, including the capital city Vientiane and its historical past.
This is the remotest part of the destination which main city is Paske. Away from the main tourist tracks, this regions is blessed with a variety of impressive landscapes, coffee and tea plantations as well as several ethnic minority groups.