Mongolia is one of the last unexplored countries in the world where the enormous wilderness remained virtually unspoiled. The country is covered with mountains, volcanoes, steppes that are alternately white, multicolor, green and golden yellow, as well as deep forests, pristine lakes and pure rivers.  It is a place where the splendor of nature seems like a dream.

Beyond the various natural spans, Mongolia is the only country in the world with clear blue sky throughout the year making an impact on the vastness of this remote and unknown country. 
Fauna and flora, although partially threatened by the unpredictable course of nature are extraordinarily diverse and abundant during the summer season.
Despite its deserts and remarkable isolated landscapes, it is a land that is inhabited and known in every corner by the Mongols who are tirelessly travelling on foot. This warm and friendly people embody the spirit of a harsh nature that they love and know so well and depend on. 

Best Season: Late May to early October.
International Airport: Ulan-Bator


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