Myanmar, also known as Burma (officially Republic of the Union of Myanmar), was long considered a pariah state, isolated from the rest of the world. This country is now open and shows the world an amazing blend of all civilizations, in addition to having its own culture.  Quite unlike any place, Myanmar has its own charm, an extraordinary land, scattered with gilded pagodas, where the traditional ways are still practice until these days. With landscapes, a tropical climate, beaches and truly amazing sights, Myanmar is a fascinating and bewitching destination.

Best travel season: November to April
Main Airports: Yangon international airport (RGN), Mandalay International Airport (MDL), Naypyidaw International Airport (NYT)

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Tourist sites

Listed as a world heritage site in 1998 by UNESCO, Bagan represents the spiritual heritage and heartland of old Burma. With temples, pagodas and stupas dating from the 9th century, Bagan and its 2229 monuments is considered to be one of the richest archaeological sites of Asia.
80 km northwest of Yangon lies the ancient capital of the Mon Kingdom dating back to the 14th and 16th century.
The pagoda is about 18 feet high, and 50 feet in girth and is built on a huge granite boulder.The pagoda is said to have been built during the life-time of the Buddha over 2400 years ago.
Inle Lake is about 20 km long and 8 km wide. It is very shallow - only 2 to 3 m deep - and is covered by seaweed.
Kalaw is a good place for hiking amid gnarled pines, bamboo groves and rugged mountain scenery.
Mandalay is not only the cultural centre of Myanmar but it is also the centre of Buddhist studies. Being the ancient capital during the last dynasty, it offers many fascinating sites to visit and reflect on past centuries.
This ancient volcano known as “The Mountain of Flowers” is a one-hour drive from Bagan
The long white beach of Ngapali stretches over 3 km with blue sea, white sand and swaying coconut palm trees.
Yangon will almost certainly be the departure point of your journey of adventure but there are many sights to see before you venture further. Its’ magnificent golden stupa, the Shwedagon visible from many parts of the city, the wide tree-lined streets to its’ colonial heritage and cultural charm add up to make it one of the most attractive capitals of South-East Asia.

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