Mae Hong Son

Nestled in Thailand’s northern regions is Mae Hong Son, a province once difficult to reach and its natural beauty unseen by many visitors to the country. Nowadays this land of mist shrouded hills, remote valleys and ethnic hilltribe villages is much easier to access and yet its mystical attraction of being a rugged and intriguing destination is as strong as ever.
Some 900 km from Bangkok, Mae Hong Son is bordered by Myanmar to the north and west and - while a strong Burmese influence is evident in the province’s beautiful temples and buildings - it is a region of ethnic diversity. The population is an enchanting mix of Thai, Shan and different hilltribes such as the Karen, Hmong, Lahu, Lisu and Padong. It’s from the Padong hilltribe this exotic spot draws one of its most intriguing attractions – the women of the group are famed for their elongated ringed necks.
Enjoying a cooler climate than most of Thailand almost year round, Mae Hong Son offers a wealth of nature based activities. There’s rafting, hiking through lush jungle countryside, visits to the hilltribe villages, exciting elephant rides and much, much more…