General terms of sales

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that special conditions apply for Myanmar. You will find them at the end of this page.


When you make a booking with us, you enter into a contract with Asia Holidays (member of Phoenix Voyages Group Ltd).
These booking conditions form the basis of the contract.

1/ Making your booking and your contract

When you have chosen your holiday, you must complete our booking form. If you make a booking more than one month before departure, once you have received the confirmation, you must pay a deposit of 30% of the final amount, and then the full balance at least 31 days before departure.

Occasionally there may be additional deposit payments needed over peak times, subject to hotel or airline requirements. If you book within 31 days before the departure the full balance is due immediately.

NB: If you fail to make any payments when due, we have the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you and to levy the cancellation charges as set out in clause 4. No reminders will be sent.
The booking conditions and prices set out in the program attached cannot vary unless we agree in writing to do so.
As soon as you receive your travel documents, please double check carefully:
-    Your programme and confirmation.
-    Your invoice.
-    Your tickets (plane, train, boat).

Please contact us directly if you think any details are incorrect. We regret we cannot accept responsibility if you fail to notify us of any problems within 48 hours after receiving documents from us.

2/ Passports, Visas and Health Requirements

Before travelling, your must ensure that you comply with the requirements needed in term of:
-    Passport (Validity of minimum 6 months after the return, children, etc…)
-    Visa (Compulsory to enter Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos or Cambodia)
-    Health requirements for the countries you intend to visit, vaccinations, preventive treatments…
-    Travel insurance covering medical expenses & repatriation.

Note that we can assist you in obtaining visas. However we can not accept responsibility in the event of a refusal of the relevant authorities to deliver a visa, and in any case this refusal will not release you from the clause of this contract.  

3/ The Price of your holiday

The Price of your holiday is based on known costs at the time of sending the quotation. When you have booked your holiday and paid your deposit (or the entire cost of our holiday), the price of your holiday as shown on your confirmation invoice is guaranteed and will not be subject to any changes or surcharge (except for changes in tax or duty applied by the government) unless you elect to change the confirmed booking when the appropriate charge will be advised to you.

4/ Changes or cancellation

If you want to change any part of your holiday arrangements* after your booking is confirmed, this can be done:
-    Up to 31 days prior to your departure for free
-    Between 31 days and 8 days prior to your departure for a charge of 20 USD per person.
-    Within 7 days prior to your departure for a charge equivalent to cancellation fees.

*Only valid for minor changes and not major changes such as change of arrival dates (this change although it is only a postponement is considered as a cancellation).

Note: Subject to availability and any extra costs incurred.

For cancellation requested less than 31 days before departure, the cancellation charges set out below will be payable:
Period before arrival date    Cancellation charges
31 days or more               75USD per folder, rest of the deposit refunded*
30 days to 15 days          25% of the total amount
14 days to 8 days            50% of the total amount
7 days to 3 days              75% of the total amount
Within 2 days                  100% of the total amount

*After bank fees deduction.

5/ Changes by us

We must reserve the right to:
•    Make changes to holidays and program details both before and after the booking is confirmed in case of cancellation of flights or changes of scheduling, seats no available….

•    Make minor changes at any time without prior notice. These changes can in any case be subject to any compensation from our side.

If we have to make a significant change, we will advise you as soon as possible and offer you the choice of:
a)    Accepting the changed arrangements.
b)    Purchasing another holiday from us (paying the difference if it is more expensive or receiving a refund* if it is cheaper)
c)    Cancelling the holiday and receiving a full refund of all payments* (if any) made to us.

Please note you must let us know as soon as possible and within 10 days which alternative you would accept.

*After bank fees deduction.

6/ Cancellation by us

Once your booking is confirmed, we must however reserve the right to cancel a holiday for the following reasons:
-    Failure to pay on your part.
-    "Force majeure" situation (such as those described in clause 7).

If we have to cancel a holiday for some reason other than the ones mentioned above, we will pay you compensation as set out in the compensation table hereafter:

Period before departure date    Compensation
31 days or more                No compensation
30 to 15 days                       30 USD per person
15 to 0 day(s)                      40 USD per person

*After bank fees deduction.

7/ Force Majeure

We regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by reasons or circumstances amounting to "force majeure". Circumstances amounting to "force majeure" include any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid such as:
-    War or threat of war, civil strife, natural or nuclear disaster, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, adverse weather conditions, epidemic, quarantine, fire or all similar events
-    Cancellation / change of routing / change of scheduling of a national or international flight
-    Refusal or cancellation of entry visa, expulsion from the country, loss, theft or deliberate destruction or not of passport and/or official documents.

8/ Dealing with Complaints

Most problems can be sorted out straight away if we know about them. If you have a complaint, you must advise us straight away so that we can put matters right immediately.
We regret we cannot accept any liability in relation to any complaint or problem if you fail to notify it us.

9/ Our responsibility for your holiday

(I) We accept responsibility if the holiday arrangements we agree to provide are not supplied as described or to a reasonable standard (except where clause 7 applies). We further accept responsibility for the acts and omissions of our employees, agents, suppliers and subcontractors (providing they were at the time performing duties authorised by us) except where death or personal injury results (see clause (II) below). The maximum amount of compensation we will consider paying under this paragraph is limited to a refund of the cost of your holiday and the amount of the daily compensation is limited to 25 USD per person. This maximum applies where everything has gone wrong and you have obtained no enjoyment whatsoever from your holiday. In any other situation, we will pay you a proportion of the maximum, at our discretion, taking into account all relevant circumstances.

(II) We may also accept responsibility should you suffer death or personal injury as a result of any failure to properly perform any part of our contract with you by any of our employees, agents, suppliers and subcontractors (providing they were at the time performing duties authorised by us) except where the cause was due to fault on your part or on the part of third party not connected with the provision of your holiday arrangements and which was unforeseeable or unavoidable even with all due care.

(III) For all claims, our liabilities in respect of air, sea, road and rail carriers and providers of accommodation are limited as if we were carriers/ providers of accommodation within the relevant International Conventions.

10/ Behaviour

If in the opinion of ourselves, any airline pilot, accommodation manager, or other person in authority you are behaving in such a way as to cause danger, distress or annoyance to others or damages to property, your holiday arrangements may be terminated by either ourselves or the supplier concerned. In this situation, we will have no liability to you and will not be responsible for making any refunds, paying any compensation, or meeting any costs or expenses you incur as a result of your behaviour. Further you must meet any expenses we incur as a result of your behaviour.


•    Up to 61 days before the arrrival date, 200 USD of cancellation fees will be applicable, except for cruises, specific hotels and other special requests (which will be detailed in the reservation) will be subject to other cancellation fees. 
•    Within 60 days before the arrival date, the following charges will be applied :
Period before the date of arrival    Cancellation fees
60 to 46 days                              500USD per person
45 to 31 days                                25% of tour cost
30 to 15 days                                50% of tour cost
14 to 7 days                                 75% of tour cost
Less than 7 days                          100% of tour cost

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