Meudon group

10 pax Trip to Vietnam from  20 March to 4 April

Meudon group gives it opinion

This trip was a success and we congratulate Asia Holidays for the organization. Whatever its advantages and disadvantages, the trip was exciting from the beginning to the end.
We all enjoyed

  • The choice of the southern route to the north, tours of monuments and sites, walks and the overall balance of the different activities
  • The duration
  • The quality of guides and drivers and their professionalism
  • The logistics that never made default
  • Overall - especially our wives - we found very pleasant the feet and hands massage
  • The choice of accommodations, hotels and resorts, often of high quality, original and enjoyable
  • The quality and often the excellence of Vietnamese cuisine.
  • We appreciated the availability of water and wipes especially when they were refreshed during our stay in Saigon.
  • We especially appreciated the sampan rides in the silence of oars.

We have specially selected

  • Sampan walks on the Mekong (and also in Ha Long Bay ) and boarding on l’Amant
  • The visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels
  • The half day in Ky Son country garden with cooking classes and foot massage
  • A visit to the Museum of Cham civilization in Danang and the imperial city (after a superb meal)
  • The visit of the three mausoleums of emperors
  • The visit to the Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh
  • Visit the gigantic Bai Dinh Pagoda with its five hundred Arhat statues
  • Great memories  of Ky Son and Mai Chau resorts and of course Halong Bay , although the junk is no longer early youth

Points may improvements

  • Deletion of tips that always embarrasses the group in fundraising, the sums… Prior information on multiple tips to distribute would have been beneficial and we would have avoided unnecessary discussions to determine each time the amount and an unpleasant discussion with Sampans rowers for example.
  • Improvement of the bus comfort on two points in particular: the distance between two seats that are too small given the size of the men and their legs, vehicles suspension taking in account the roads.
  • We were struck by small garbage lying everywhere in villages and also on the water in beautiful Ha Long Bay. This is of course an observation to encourage Asia Holidays to postpone the remarks to the relevant Vietnamese authorities.
  • Despite their standing, it happened that the hotel rooms do not go to the end of their comfort: Hotel in Hanoi and the bedside lamps of Legend Hotel Ninh Binh, for example were quite annoying. This hotel became very luxurious and comfortable but very boring.
  • Too many mercantile visits: example of the Marble Hill in Da Nang which is limited to a marble cutting factory. In itself the exhibits were interesting but the time spent in this pseudo visit more mercantile than industrial or touristic would have been more profitable in urban strolls. Same impression for Hoi An Lanterns who gave us the impression of being light men. Curiously no copies of the magnificent statues of the Museum of Cham civilization is offered by these masons.
  • The ladies regretted a little too busy program which did not leave enough time to free rides especially in the cities of Hanoi and Saigon.
  • The visit to the cave of Ha Long Bay, with small steps in single file behind three hundred tourists in the hottest time of the day, despite her beauty, was found a bit hard by some of us.

Finally and in conclusion, a little regret for the failure of our attempt to film proposals out of l’Amant and Indochina. Especially since the film l’Amant was quite disturbed. We had proposed a list of Vietnamese movies.

Alain. H