Practical information

Local Time
Bhutan is 6 hours behind the Greenwich Meridian Time.
The electrical current is 220/240V with two-pin and three-pin round socket.  You should bring a travel adapter, since they are not easily available in the stores.

Avoid drinking unboiled water or taking ice cubes at all times, most of the water sources in Bhutan are untreated though they are originating from the mountains. You can buy bottled water easily in any city and it is affordable.

All major towns and cities have basic communication facilities, including telephone, fax, and e-mail services. Local and international calls can be made from all hotels and public phone booths for a fee. Internet facilities are continuously increasing in numbers in major cities and towns. Although many of the Internet cafes can be very slow, high speed wireless and broadband internet access is available in certain areas.

There is only one main road - the National Highway, a 3.5m-wide paved stretch that winds its way up and down through the mountains, across the bridges, along the cliffs sides and over high mountain passes.  Rivers, mudflows and rockslides are ongoing risks, especially when it rains. The road can be blocked due to snow or landslides and can take anywhere from an hour to several days to clear.
It is not recommended to drive by yourself in Bhutan, but if for some reason you are arranging your own transport, it is much better to rent a car with driver or a taxi. Driving in Bhutan is a stressful experience. Roads are narrow and trucks roar along hairpin turns, appearing suddenly and forcing oncoming vehicles to the side. Because most roads are only about 3.5m wide, passing any oncoming vehicle involves one, or both to move onto the verge.
Most Bhutanese dishes are rich and spicy.  Its base is chili, used as a vegetable rather than a spice. The "Ema Datshi" could be considered the national dish, and it is made with chilies and cheese, served with red rice from Bhutan. You also could try the "Momos", the Tibetan dumplings, curry pork, beef or lentils.