Health & Medical Facilities

Health insurance to include emergency repatriation cover is strongly advised. Adequate routine medical care is available in all major cities, but emergency services are generally inadequate outside major cities. The best public hospitals are found in Jakarta, where the ratio of medical staff to general population is much higher and clinics catering specifically to foreigners can be found. Doctors and hospitals often expect immediate cash payments before any treatment is given, so it is advised that you have travel insurance before travelling to Indonesia. The number for medical emergencies is 119; for ambulance services call 118. Although medical costs are relatively cheap, drugs can be expensive.
Although no vaccines are required for travel to Indonesia, visitors are advised to update vaccinations against cholera, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and Japanese encephalitis before travel. Other diseases that are present in the country are malaria, schistosomiasis (found in fresh water), dengue fever, toxoplasmosis, HIV, and tuberculosis.