Before going

If you are travelling in the northern areas from November to February, warm clothes are recommended.
You should plan appropriate cloths all year long in Inle Lake where nights can be very cold (10 to 15 °C).
In most other areas, light clothing is perfectly suitable.
Please note that:  shorts, miniskirts, revealing outfits (shoulders have to be covered) ripped jeans, sheer tops, ... are prohibited when visiting places of worship.
If you do wear shorts for your excursions, take a pair of trousers or a dress to change into for a visit to a pagoda.
Everywhere else, relaxed but respectful attire is acceptable. Especially be careful in choosing your shoes: you will indeed take off your shoes when visiting pagoda, temple and monastery, you will do so often and laced shoes are not suitable. Instead, take the shoes "vessel" in which you are comfortable. Beware of blisters which ruin the days of walking. The Burmese shoe flip flops, you'll find for 1000k, but the sizes are generally too small for our European standards.
As a general rule, keep in mind that Myanmar remains steeped in tradition in many ways. It is recommended you adopt a respectful attitude towards traditions and the ancestral culture of this country.
Please pack mosquito repellent and a cap or a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a raincoat and a travel first aid kit (containing an antiseptic cream, aspirin or paracetamol, bandages).

Travel in Myanmar presents little risk, but it would be best to leave your valuables at home.

For safety reasons, we advise travelers not to leave valuables in vehicles during their journey.