Practical information

Local time
Myanmar is 6 hours 30 minutes ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time.

In Myanmar the «standard» electrical current is 220V, but sockets are not always standard. It is highly recommended that you take an international adapter with you.
Due to its limited power supply, the country suffers from frequent power cuts - and over voltage, but most hotels and restaurants in the major cities have their own generators.

As in many countries, it is not advisable to drink water from the tap unless it has been boiled beforehand.

International phone call charges from Myanmar are very expensive (from 5 to 10 USD per minute). If you need to call from a hotel, it is advisable to check and have confirmed the price before making the call (“surprises” can be very costly!).
Mobile phones still do not work in Myanmar.Email does work to a certain extent in the major cities but its use remains limited.

There are two international airports in Myanmar:
»   The International airport of Yangon is located in Mingaladon, 20 minutes from the town centre
»   The International airport of Mandalay is 45 km (1h transfer) from the center of the town.
The road network has improved but still needs to be upgraded in some areas. To cover a distance, it is reasonable to count an average speed of 50 km / hour.

In Myanmar, they drive on the right.
Apart from citizens of Myanmar, only foreigners with a business visa or those with an International Driving licence are authorised to drive in Myanmar.  We strongly recommend to only call upon the services of drivers recommended by your hotel or tour operator and to agree on a price before you get in the car!
It is possible to hire a motorbike with an International Driving licence.

Traditional Burmese cuisine varies from Mohinga or On-no-Khaukswe, assorted delicacies which are fried or baked in the oven to a variety of Burmese curries. Chinese and Indian foods are also widely available in major towns and cities.