Shopping & tipping

Artisan craft is rich and varied: you will therefore discover lacquer ware, embroidered cottons, silks, wood carvings as well as precious stones and many manufactured products.
Prices displayed are usually fixed, but bargaining remains and is frequently used in villages and markets. Most shops are open from 9h to 18h from Monday to Saturday but can vary according to region. Small local shops are usually open every day.

It is easy to pay for your purchases in US dollars. Tips, although appreciated, are by no means mandatory.
Avoid giving money to the beggars; it would be perceived as encouragement, which would only increase the phenomenon. If you wish to give something, it would be helpful to give them something to eat or to provide a basic need (shoes, clothes, pens, exercise books, etc).  Inside the temples and monasteries, the offering could be given in cash.