The official currency is the Vietnamese Dong (VND) although US dollars and euros are still accepted. At the time of writing exchange rate is US$ 1 = 21 000 VND and 1 EURO = 28 500 VND (December 2013).

Traveller’s cheques can be cashed only at major banks and usually incur a 2 to 5% transaction fee.

Visa and Master cards are accepted in most of hotels, restaurants and shops in tourist cities of Vietnam, but can also be subject to 2 to 3% transaction fees.

You can also get cash advances with your credit card from automated teller machines (ATM) everywhere (amount generally limited to 5 or 10.000.000 VND, that is to say around 300 USD to 600 USD depending on the bank).

If you bring either cash in USD or Euro, please note that exchange rates for small and big notes vary. So we would recommend you to bring some small notes in USD dollars to cope with first expenses on arrival then either 100 USD or 100 € bank notes.

Be careful, banks and foreign exchange offices do not usually take old, scribbled or even stained bank notes.

Please note that some hotels may need an imprint of your credit card as a deposit during your stay, which is a normal procedure. However, this deposit can be made in cash and will be refunded upon check-out